Latin American Studies Major


A photo of Dr. Richard Johnson, director of the Latin American Studies Program from the 1967 Mirage Yearbook.

The Latin American Studies Major had the longest lifespan out of all the majors offered by Trinity. The program started in 1966 and aimed to provide students interested in an interdisciplinary major featuring courses in sociology, music, geography, history, spanish, and political science regarding Latin America.  It aimed to provide students "with a general understanding of the peoples and problems of Latin America." The major was cdesigned for students looking for jobs in or career fields relating to Latin America and it offered students the opportunity to study abroad in Mexico. However, the major was only offered as a secondary major to those studying Spanish, History, Political Science, Sociology and Economics and required two years of Spanish courses.  

In 1970, the Latin American Studies Program decided to only offer a certificate in Latin American Studies, and would remain on the Courses of Study Bulletin for a handful of years. 

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