Trabajando juntos: Latino Student Organizations

Student involvement is an integral part of the university experience. By working and planning together, students can apply leadership skills and learn to collaborate and compromise. Student organizations provide these skills and carve a place in which to explore interests, cultures, and identities. Latin American and Latino student organizations at Trinity were a very active part of this exploration and provided an opportunity to gather and share their cultural experiences.

Each organization presented on the following pages responds to a specific context, which means that the events may not seem as intercultural as we see them today, but the leadership and membership of the organizations represent a diverse community. By moving along the exhibits you can also get a sense of the evolution of the student body at Trinity, how the Latino identity changed, and how its representation grew.

For now, we are only presenting the organizations from 1944 to 1976. We will continue working to expand the exhibit and provide more perspective regarding this theme.   Explore using the tabs on the left.

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Trabajando Juntos