Inter-American Studies Major

A Trinitonian article discussing the UCC annoucement of the Inter-American studies major.

As decided in Spring of 1981 by the University Curriculum Council (UCC), the Latin American Studies and Border Studies major would be merged into the Inter-American Studies major. The reasons for this decision according to the UCC were the similarities between the two majors. Additionally, the Latin American Studies seminar course was "infrequently taught" as noted in its course elimination form. 

A Trinintonian article noted how few if any students were spoken to about this change, including those currently studying Border Studies and Latin American Studies. Moreover, this change was overseen by interim chairman of the Inter-American Studies, Dr. Kenneth M. Taggart, since Dr. Linda Hall was on academic leave at the time. On the other hand, interim chairpersons could make the same decisions as the formal chairperson. 


  • Dr. Sarah Burke, Director of the International and Comparative studies 
  • Dr. Kenneth M Taggart, Modern Languages and Literature
  • Francisco O. Garcia, Religion
  • Craig S. Likeness, Library
  • Edward Murgula, Sociology
  • James P. Morrissey, Health Care Administration

The last time the Inter-American Studies Major was offered in the Courses of Study Bulletin was 1985, however we were able to find one Trinity alum who graduated with that major.

A Trinitonian article featuring Susana Mores, an Inter-American studies major. 

Student Spotlight

Susana Mores went to Trinity from 1980 to 1984. Mores studied a foreign language alongside Inter-American Studies. Post-graduation, she volunteered with the San Antonio Literacy Council as a teacher and likely attended graduate school at Our Lady of the Lake University.