Global Latinx Studies Major

Finally, in 2019, the Global Latinx Studies major is directed by Dr. Rita E. Urquijo-Ruiz, the first latina faculty to go through the ranks of assistant, associate, and full professor at Trinity University. Additionally, the major was created by the entire Mexico, Americas, and Spain (MAS) faculty. The Global Latinx Studies major provides student with an interdiscplinary analysis of the Latinx experience from past to present. Unlike the previous majors covered, it is housed in the Modern Languages and Literature department, though it still spans various fields in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. 

As described by the Courses of Study Bulletin on Trinity's website the major:

"Encompasses, but is not confined to, the communities of the Americas, the Iberian Peninsula, and the Caribbean. It especially focuses on the Latinx diasporas throughout the world, including communities with a shared colonial past with Spain and Portugal. Majors are strongly encouraged to participate in study-abroad programs. A signature aspect of the major will be a senior portfolio that ties together the many strands of a Global Latinx major’s course of study. This reflects on the interdisciplinary links between at least three different courses and represents the culmination of personal and professional growth in the understanding of Latinx communities in the Americas and beyond.”

In the same year the Global Latinx Studies major was being created, the International Studies department was restructing, and decided allow its students to focus on themes such as Global Health and International Development instead of area specialization as it had before. Because of this, the MAS program decided to offer the Global Latinx Studies major as a separate major since the MAS concentration in International Studies would no longer be available.