20th Century Spark Plugs


A fragmented AC Titan spark plug found on site during surface collections.

The first internal combustion engine was created by Isaac de Rivaz in Switzerland in 1804 and the origins for the modern automobile engine were created by Nicholas Otto in Germany in 1876. The autombile engine was three to four times more efficient than the steam engines at the time and allowed for more creative ingenuity.

One of these inventors was well known Henry Ford, who invented his first automobile in 1896, the Ford Quadricycle. Following this he invented the Model T in 1908, which was regarded as the first affordable car, due to the creation of the assembly line. 

The spark plugs found on site were AC titan spark plugs, likely dating from the early 20th century. These spark plugs were produced by factories such as Mayo-Skinner MFG Co. in Chicago, Illinois and Champion Ignition Company in Flint, Michigan.